[EVENT] Milan presentation of the white paper with SDA-Bocconi.

On October 17th, an important event organized by Mikro Kapital and SDA Bocconi took place in Milan, featuring the presentation of a white paper entitled "A comparative analysis of traditional investing, sustainable investing and micro-funding asset class".

Rachele Anconetani, a Corporate Finance professor at SDA Bocconi, participated in the event and shared her knowledge and expertise on the subject. Furthermore, Vincenzo Trani, President of Mikro Kapital Group, enriched the event with his industry experience.

The event represented a significant opportunity to delve into the topic of microfinance as an asset class and discuss current trends in sustainable investments in Europe. Through the speakers' contributions and the presentation of the white paper, participants were able to gain a more comprehensive perspective on these issues, opening new investment opportunities and fostering greater awareness of sustainable investment themes.